Another wonderful Mum shares her first experience on Breast feeding with TFCH


Bridget Baldwin- Obioha is a hard working , very intelligent young lady, who sets her life goal believing in God for the best achievement. She a Medical- Lab scientist who knows her job very well and currently works with Mecure Lagos Nigeria.

Bridget has a strong life ambition to someday set up an organization that would provide the less privileged Nigerians free medical laboratory services . Having worked in the hospital , she has regularly noticed that many patients go back home with their laboratory investigation forms because they could not afford to pay for it.

Read her story below

“Kosi my first son brought so much joy to my family, his birth changed many things about me and my husband.

At first i wasnt sure about how long to breast feed him, but i had more interest to keep breast feeding each time i stare at him and realize how healthy he is. He was growing much faster than many of his age mates. my husband and i never for a day took him to hospital for any of those common child hood illnesses , all thanks to God and effect of breast feeding.

Knowing that my busy schedule could disturb my regular breast feeding, I had to give my son the whole time by staying off my job for a whole year. I had to choose between my son and the job…of course Kosi my son is so precious and the sacrifice i made for him worth’s more that the job and money its self . This is what most mothers struggle with, but that was a No for me…I needed to give my son the best and today I am glad i did . Also got a better job at last.

Breast feeding has been the best experience in motherhood,the benefits can not be over emphasized,The nutritious milk I fed my son,The bonding we had,and that feeling of being a fulfilled mum.

In factbreast feeding is something every mum must Do!”

Take a quick look at my cute son and myself….IMG-20131215-01331


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