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You cant believe this , we just got our  weekly  report on number of deliveries that took place at primary health center Jigo for (4th-10th August 2014). In fact i had to ask them to check back and give us the correct data!!!!!!!!. Hear what the health care worker says..” Madam we are excited as you are, we had to cross check also many times to confirm the data is correct.”

Oh God, when we mapped and selected this health center , we conducted a baseline analysis/data on the number of deliveries that takes place every month. from the record it showed that in the past one year (2012-2013) the facility only records THREE (3) deliveries in a MONTH. Why ? the women attends ante-natal but prefer to deliver at home or patronize the Traditional homes  due to lesser amount they pay to them , they either come out with complications or loosing their lives in the process.

Hear the GOOD NEWS….In this same facility the current data now records FOUR (4) DAILY…..I mean DAILY…How? and why the positive change? the CLEAN BIRTH KITS of course, strong advocacy and sensitization on the work we are doing, the commitment, the passion to END MATERNAL AND NEW BORN DEATH in Nigeria, it took us time to convince the women that the kits are free . first woman came, confirmed and went into the village to preach the gospel according to TFCH Clean birth kits…lol. Ever since many has given up to patronize the village quacks who do not have the knowledge to identify and manage complications.

TFCH team has made the promise to keep up this good work

we can do better and save more lives with your support…..

1 KIT SAVES 2 project….preventing infection, PPH , cord infection….preventing maternal and new born death..etc …saving lives of mothers and babies in  Nigeria

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