Mandela Washington Fellow Chinomnso Ibe takes the Campaign against high Maternal & Child Mortality rate in Nigeria to United States #MWF2015, #YALI2015

The President of Wagner College signing to say NO high maternality mortality rate in Nigeria

The President of Wagner College Dr. Richard Guarasci  signing to say NO to high maternal mortality rate in Nigeria, with Chinomnso standing beside him.

The high Maternal and Child mortality / morbidity rate in Nigeria has been of great concern to the nation especially we the young people of Nigeria, we are not just concerned about our future alone, but passionate to improve & save the lives of  Pregnant Mothers and children in Nigeria who die needlessly from preventable pregnancy and delivery complications because we strongly believe women are the best ever resources and pillars Nigeria needs to survive in its Struggles. Our maternal mortality rate is so high that Pregnancy is becoming fearful and life-threatening to most of our women especially those living in remote areas.

MWF Chinomnso rendering homecare Ante-natal services to a woman in her home

MWF Chinomnso rendering homecare Ante-natal services to a woman in her home

Chinomnso is a Nurse Midwife and founder of Traffina Foundation for Community Health, a Non profit in Nigeria that produces and distribute Clean Delivery & Newborn kits to save lives of pregnant mothers and newborn living in rural communities in Nigeria. TFCH also  provides free community Ante natal care services that also covers the internally displaced persons  , free medical mission and trainings for Midwives & TBAs.

The signature call is one of my goals during the Mandela Washington fellowship in United States to have other Fellows , Wagner College Students and people of America to SIGN and SAY NO to the needless deaths of pregnant Mothers & newborn in Nigeria/ Africa from preventable pregnancy & delivery complications.  I am so glad that many people have signed and more are still signing , lending there voices against the high maternal & child mortality in Nigeria & Africa.

When we collectively realize how precious life is, and are not doing much to protect the lives of our mothers and children then indirectly we are restricting human progress..
“Remember No woman Poor or Rich, Black or White deserves to DIE BRINGING LIFE TO THE WORLD”.…my regular quote

Below are photos of People putting there signatures at my host University , Wagner college Staten Island New York.

Kelly From US State department

My collaborator Rugiatu Bahr

My collaborator Rugiatu Bahr

Elizabeth from US State Department


,.A big thank you to every who have signed and those yet to sign to show there support on the fight against the high Maternal & Child mortality in Nigeria.


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