Traffina Foundation for community health provides free family planning services to women in Benue State Nigeria


UPDATES FROM Traffina Foundation – Benue State.

Starting 2017 on a good note, our focus is still on Maternal newborn and child health. We are making stronger efforts to reach out to more women and children 🚸, helping them make right decisions with there families, saying NO to traditional harmful practices during pregnancy and delivery, embracing family planning planning to space out subsequent pregnancies and finally providing quality support during pregnancy and delivery through distribution of our Mom’s and Newborn Delivery kits and training of midwives and Nurses.

On Tuesday the 31st of January 2017, TFCH held a sensitization programme in North bank Makurdi to enlighten the women on the following aspects of family planning: 

-Importance of Family planning for the mother, child and community.

-Debunking myths about Family planning

Majority of the women were concerned with continuous bleeding upon the use of Implanon or Jadelle (Long acting reversible contraception).

Our wonderful Team Lead Nana Abu took her time to introduce to the women the different types of Family planning available. Natural method e.g Fertility awareness, hormonal method such as contraception pill, injection and vaginal rings. Barrier method such as male and female condoms and emergency contraceptives.

TFCH Team during the sensitization used different approved brands of family planning commodities to demonstrate, which was passed around during the activity. None of the women present knew about it or how it works so TFCH Team took time to explain its use as well as side effects when abused and encouraged the women to adhere to it under the supervision of the health workers in the facility.

Traffina Foundation went further to support the cost of family planning services offered to the participants who were ready and gained the consent of there husband’s.

After addressing the women, misconceptions were cleared as our team answered all questions from the women.

Majority of the concerns had to do with many of the women being concerned about if the use of contraceptives affects the quality of their milk production as majority of them are still nursing. Milk production depends on how regular the baby is nursed, though different women record different side effects using family planning commodities.

Also the husbands of the women were not left out, as they also participated in the questions and answers session. A husband was concerned if meeting with his wife who had a baby 2 months ago will affect the development of their child.  You can help us with your view on that question.

Well done Nana and team for the successful activity.

We appreciate the founder of Traffina Foundation for community for creating this platform and for her continuous effort towards improving Maternal newborn and child health in Nigeria and Africa. Most especially setting the pace for young people to participate.

***Attention **If you would like to join our team and help reach more women and children in your state or country (African countries) please email us via

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